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Macon Chapter Swears in 7 New Members

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Macon 7 the newest members of the Macon chapter

Macon 7 the newest members of the Macon chapter

Macon – The Macon chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation welcomed 7 new members to the family Saturday 7/14/2014. Full patched brothers Cool, Golden Child, D Rock, Big Rob, Skeebo, and Baller proudly put on their Turtle Shell back patches. Black Sabbath Goddess Cuevo became the newest addition to the BSMC Goddess program of the Macon chapter.

“I’ve never been more proud,” said National President Black Sabbath. “It feels great to have more incredible people successfully complete our prospect program and crossover into the family.”

The Macon chapter continues to prove to the nation why we are ‘A Breed Apart’!

Black Sabbath is a Habit!

BSMC Summer Run 2014 Club Shirts

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BSMC Nation Summer Run Club Shirt

Atlanta – The Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation Summer Shirts are out! Order Yours today!! $20.00 Reg sizes $25.00 XL sizes.

The shirt celebrates our expansion across the US over our 40 plus year history! We started in a small neighborhood in San Diego California and moved East!

Hail to the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation! A Breed Apart! Since 1974 and still strong!

BSMC Front

Black Sabbath MC Summer Club Shirt


BSMC Nation Summer Run Club Shirt

BSMC Nation Summer Run Club Shirt

Chill Named BSMC Regional President

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Central Mid-Western USA Regional President

Central Mid-Western USA Regional President

Wichita, Kansas – The Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation named “Chill” (Chris Hill) Regional President of the BSMC Nation Central/Mid-Western USA Region Sunday July 8, 2014.

Regional President Chill has experienced a meteoric rise in the Black Sabbath MC Nation during his past five years of membership in the Nation. He lead the resurgence of the Wichita, Kansas chapter in 2010 which revived the Black Sabbath Nation’s second oldest chapter that had fallen to decline and had only three or four surviving members at that time. Chill took over the troubled MC and rebuilt it from the ground floor. After several attempts to get a clubhouse (including signing the lease on a building that was later condemned) Chill oversaw the establishment of Wichita’s new clubhouse making the Dub K chapter one of only four MCs in Wichita to have a clubhouse.

Chill became the Regional Vice President of the Central/Mid-Western USA in 2012 and solved several difficult problems as a troubleshooter within the BSMC Nation. He  quelled several chapter disputes as an  investigator and enforcer for National President Black Dragon. Chill established himself as the go-to liaison for launching new BSMC chapters and began handling specific details during new chapter acquisitions, including meeting with major 1%er MC Nations to negotiate BSMC blessings into new territories, qualifying new chapters for membership and handling all aspects of training and preparing new chapter presidents to lead newly acquired BSMC chapters.

Chill relieves BSMC Texas Original 7, former President and founder of the Houston, Texas chapter, Krow. Krow has been a very successful Regional President and leaves some mighty big shoes for Chill to fill.

“It was particularly poignant for our Nation to revive the Wichita, Kansas “Dub K” chapter because it was the oldest standing MC in Wichita and losing it altogether would have been devastating for us,” said National President Black Dragon. “It feels really good to have the oldest standing MC in two US cities, San Diego and Wichita. I think what’s most telling  about Regional President Chill is that most of the hardest work he did for our nation he accomplished while his pregnant wife battled cancer. Chill worked, took her to doctor’s appointment after doctor’s appointment, raised his children, rebuilt the Wichita, Kansas chapter and handled issues with other chapters all at the same time. I remember him talking to me on the phone about a BSMC problem while in the delivery room with his wife having their youngest. Unfortunately she still hasn’t forgiven me for that one,” said Dragon. “I’m working to get back in her good graces day by day. It’s a slow process. But if she were not standing strongly behind him our Nation wouldn’t have such a strong warrior! Regional President Chill will be an outstanding Regional for the BSMC Nation and we are glad to have full patched brothers like him.”

The Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation congratulates Regional President Chill. His territory is East of the Mississippi to the Western borders of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Black Sabbath MC gains new Riverside,GA chapter

Black Sabbath MC’s New Riverside, CA Chapter

Black Sabbath MC Nation Riverside, CA chapter

Black Sabbath MC Nation Riverside, CA chapter


Riverside, CA – The Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation celebrates the arrival of its long anticipated Riverside, California chapter this week, just in time for the 2014 summer.

“This plan has been in the making for quite some time.” said Regional President “Big Dale” who is also the founding President of the Inland Empire, California chapter. “We just needed to get the pieces of our program out there together, get the Chosen Few MC’s blessings and make sure everything was up and operational. Finally all of the pieces came together, so here we are.”

The Riverside chapter will be headed up by President “Bob O” Prez and Tug VP. Bob O has tons of experience as a MC leader. He founded a former MC Nation and served them as National President. Tug has been a long standing member of the Inland Empire chapter.

“We ride hard,” said President “Bob O.” “We don’t have time for silliness. We like to visit new places, expand our horizons and take the Black Sabbath MC to riders who have never even heard of our 40 plus year old MC. We show who we are by how hard we ride.”

Sounds like a Black Sabbath leader to this writer!

Pictured above from left to right are four of the brothers from the new chapter (Animal, Bob O (Prez), Tug (VP) and Rico).

Black Dragon, National President of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC has exclaimed great pride. “I asked Big Dale last year to deliver California to our nation in a big way,” said Dragon. “Since California is our state of birth [1974 San Diego] it only stands to reason that we should be an influential and well known MC there. Big Dale promised me results in California and I’m proud to say he is delivering. I have spoken at length with President Bob O and he has our confidence. He is quite competent and has the riding spirit of all Black Sabbath MC Nation nomads. We are looking for big things.

Black Dragon went on to say, “Of most importance to me is that our folks have fun on two wheels, ride hard, love one another, show respect and tolerance to all MCs, follow our bylaws and oh yeah, did I say have fun?”

The Mighty Black Sabbath MC was founded in 1974 in San Diego, California by 7 black men who rode on Sundays. Today our organization includes all races, religions, creeds, occupations and social classes. We are an extended MC family and an elite motorcycle enthusiast organization.


Wichita Kansas Gains Endo!

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Prospect 19 becomes Endo

Prospect 19 becomes Endo

Wichita, Kansas–June 11, 2014 Prospect 19 crossed over in the Dub K chapter to become a full patched brother of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. He shall be forever known as Endo! Congratulations brother. Welcome to the family. BSFFBS Since 1974 and still strong!

Inland Empire Grows by 2

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Our Great Nation continues to grow

Our great nation continues to grow!

n Bernadino, CA – On April 22, 2014 Inland Empire crossed over two prospects into the Brotherhood of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. More on this story to follow. Congratulations brothers!

Reef Awarded Nomad's Bull's Horn

Chosen Few’s “Reef” awarded Nomad’s Bull’s Horn

Atlanta – Black Sabbath MC Nation National President “Black Dragon” presents Chosen Few MC San Diego Brother “Reef” his Black Sabbath Nomad Bull’s Horn Saturday morning after Reef rode cross country from San Diego to Atlanta and spent time at the Black Sabbath MC Nation’s Atlanta chapter. Nomad Bull’s horns are given to nomadic riders who make a 1,000 mile trip on a motorcycle as part of the Black Sabbath MC Nation’s Nomadic Rider program. The 1,000 mile Bull’s Horn was Black Dragon’s personal horn that he was awarded in February 2014 for making the trip from Atlanta to San Diego during the worst snow/ice storm to hit the East Coast in more than a decade. Black Dragon made that ride with fellow Black Sabbath MC Nomads from the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation’s Macon, GA chapter.

“We recognize the accomplishments of brother Reef of the Mighty Chosen Few MC Nation,” said Black Dragon. “It is the ultimate dream of all brothers of the steel to ride cross country on two! We acknowledge Reef for his amazing accomplishment and for his adventure across America he made with another brother from the Kings of Cali MC also of San Diego. Now that he has received his Nomad’s Bull’s Horn  all he has to do is learn how to blow it!”

P19 Accepted by Dub-K Chapter

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P19 accepted into the Atlanta chapter

P19 accepted into the Atlanta chapter

Wichita, Kansas – P19 was accepted as a Prospect into the Wichita, Kansas chapter yesterday. Good luck P19. Represent well!

Dub-K Votes in P18

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PT formerly Prospect 18

PT formerly Prospect 18

Wichita, Kansas – The Wichita Kansas chapter recently crossed over P18 into the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation!

“He will be known as “PT” from this day forward,” said Dub-K chapter President Big G.

We are proud of Wichita for the strides the continue to make in the name of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation,” said National Vice President Hogman.

We all wish PT the best of luck for an outstanding career within the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation.

Dub-K Votes Prospect In

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Slow Down Woodz!!!!

Slow Down Woodz!!!!


Wichita, Kansas – The Dub-K chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation recently voted Prospect 17 into the full patched brotherhood. Now known as Slow Down Woodz he shall never be called Prospect again.

Said National President Black Dragon, “We are so proud to have Slow Down among the ranks of the full patched brothers of our loved MC Nation. I welcome him aboard with loving arms. We can probably imagine how he got his name, so we are going to hope that Slow Down Woodz slows down so that we can have him around for a mighty long time.”

Congratulations Slow Down!

Ride safe and ride hard!




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