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Black Sabbath MC Nation Macon Chapter Rides for Baby Journee

Black Sabbath MC Nation Macon Chapter Rides for Baby Journey

Macon – The Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation Macon chapter sponsors a ride for baby Journey Saturday 11/08/2014.

Newest Doctor on Atlanta Biker Scene

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Candy Bar becomes Doctor Candy Bar Watkins in Atlanta 11/1/2014

Candy Bar becomes Doctor Candy Bar Watkins in Atlanta 11/1/2014

Atlanta – Today the Atlanta biker set can be most proud of our own Candy Bar who became Dr. Candice Watkins in a Ceremony at the Georgia International Convention Center. Doctor Watkins received her Doctorate in Education. Her dissertation was entitled “A Phenomenological Exploration Of African American Women’s Experiences With Colorism and Racial Socialization.” With great esteem and pride we acknowledge your accomplishments as one of our own and soar with you to your highest heights our MC sister – beautiful, talented, gifted, experienced, educated and accomplished. Dr. Candice ‘Candy Bar’ Watkins.


Number 1 Stunnas supporting Ms Vickie's Daycare

Number 1 Stunnas supporting Ms Vickie’s Daycare


Relaxing between cars!

stunna 4

Number 1 Stunnas washing cars for charity.



Killeen, Texas – On Saturday Oct 4th, 2014 the Number One Stunnas Kileen, Texas chapter held a car wash to support Ms. Vickie’s Daycare.    The event took place between  from 8:30 to 2pm at O’Reilly auto parts 4802 Judson Ave. The Car wash and bake sale also featured other goodies hot off the grill! Ms Vickie’s daycare and the children are raising money for a trip! The Stunnas thanked everyone for their support of the children!!!

Bravo Zulu Number One Stunnas of Killeen. Good Looking out!

Tragedy in the Golden Hawks MC Family

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Short Man lost  his home in a fire.

Short Man lost his home in a fire.


Short Man Golden Hawks MC

Atlanta –  On October 19, 2014 one of the most devoted Golden Hawks MC members, “Short Man” and his wife “Danger” lost their home in an unfortunate fire. The Golden Hawks MC is accepting donations of clothes, money, toiletries and other appropriate items Friday night October 24, 2014 on their bike night.

Short Man and Danger were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Short Man wears pants size 29/30 and shirt size medium. Danger wears pants size 6/7  and shirt size medium shirt.

The  Golden Hawks MC is  also acknowledging Cancer awareness Friday night. If  you would wear a touch of pink, such as a pink shirt, scarf etc., they would be grateful.  This is a trying time for their MC family so please keep them in your prayers!

The Golden Hawks MC thanks the Atlanta MC community  in advance for your help and is looking  forward to seeing you all this Friday at the Hawks Nest.

The remind you to be blessed!! And take a minute today to thank the Lord for what you have because tomorrow could be different situation.


The Golden Hawks MC is the oldest MC in Atlanta, GA. They once belonged to the prestigious American Motorcyclist Association that began on May 20, 1924.

Lady Magic Named Godmother of the BSMC Nation

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Lady Magic Godmother of the BSMC

Lady Magic is the Godmother of the Mighty BSMC Nation

Dallas, Texas – “On September 9, 2014 Lady Magic was named Godmother of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation after 26 years of faithful service and membership, said Black Dragon National President.” “We are proud to recognize her for her outstanding achievements for our nation over these nearly three decades and have created this position for her, the first woman to ever achieve such a designation within the BSMC.”

It started in the late 1980′s when Black Sabbath racing legend Sugar Man relocated to Wichita, Kansas after riding in the BSMC in San Diego for several years. He requested permission from the BSMC to take the colors and bylaws to Wichita and launch the Sabbath’s second chapter. Upon receiving permission Sugar Man recruited Night Rider and Lady Magic who had formerly belonged to the Penguins MC in Wichita. Night Rider became the founding President and Lady Magic served the MC for the next 26 years outlasting every MC that existed in Wichita at that time.

In the early 2,000s the Wichita, Kansas chapter began to die losing members, status and momentum. After the loss of the Wichita clubhouse it looked like the Wichita chapter was all but doomed but Lady Magic sprang into action recruiting her son, “Pull-It” and her grandson-in-law “Chill” as well as others to restart the Wichita chapter. She was aided by National President Black Dragon, who was on a mission to spread the BSMC across the country from coast to coast and Sugar Man who had come back to the BSMC after a long layoff to found the Tulsa chapter. Within two years the Wichita chapter was back on its feet and in a new clubhouse stronger than ever! Pull-it became the Road Captain of the Wichita chapter and Chill became the President then Regional Vice President and two years later was promoted to Regional President of the Midwest USA. Under her remarkable mentoring and loyalty to the BSMC Nation’s way of life the Wichita Kansas chapter reigns again as a supreme MC in the region and as the oldest and longest surviving MC in Wichita, Kansas.

For these accomplishments and many more Black Dragon, National President recognizes Lady Magic whose selfless sacrifices reflect the highest values and traditions of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation and bring great credit upon herself and upon the BSMC Nation.

“It is under my hand that I promote Lady Magic to this position designed for her only; Godmother of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation” said Black Dragon.


Godmother of the BSMC

Godmother of the BSMC


SOTC Macon First Lady Leads the Pack!

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SOTC First Lady ISIS Leads the Pack

SOTC First Lady ISIS Leads the Pack

Macon, GA – Sisters of the Cross MC First Lady Isis has been leading the women of Macon’s Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation for nearly five years with her calm demeanor and no nonsense matter-of-fact leadership style.  First Lady Isis has always led from the front, by example and strengthened her riding skills in the pack while acting as sister, confidant, counselor and adviser to the full patched brothers, SOTC and Goddess of her Macon chapter.  It is no surprise that under her leadership the Macon, GA chapter produced the first four female Nomad Riders in the Mighty BSMC Nation including Lady Swisher who received 2 1K in 1 Day awards this summer on the cross country ride to the National Biker’s Round Up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Of course leading the way, on two, was First Lady Isis — riding hard and enjoying the open road!

“Our First Ladies ROCK!” said Hog Man National VP of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation. “And First Lady Isis is a testament to the strength of character of the fine ladies who make up the leadership of our Sisters of the Cross MC program. These ladies don’t talk about it. They ride about it! We gobble up great distances on two wheels cause that’s what we do. Full Patched brothers and Sisters of the Cross!” said Hog Man.

First Lady Isis was awarded the 1,000 mile Nomad Rider patch and the Jerzee Bull’s Horns.

First Lady Isis Leads the way!

First Lady Isis Leads the way!

SOTC YoYo 1,000 Mile Nomad Rider

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SOTC Yo Yo 1,000 Mile Nomad

SOTC Yo Yo 1,000 Mile Nomad

Tulsa, Oklahoma – “Rain, sleet, snow or shine baby we gonna always ride, holla at me!” is the battle cry of BSMC Nation Regional President “Ride or Die” and that slogan is appropriately followed by his East Coast region as over 12 members from the East Coast received BSMC Nation Nomad Rider awards this summer, which is an unprecedented number. So how cool is it that Jacksonville, Fl SOTC BSMC member Sister YoYo added her name to the East Coast list and was recognized this summer for becoming one of the first four women in the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation to be awarded the coveted 1,000 mile Nomad Rider designation and her 1,000 Mile Jerzee Bull’s horn? In a couple of words… VERY COOL! YoYo overcame driving rain, winds, heat and storms to ride herself in the the history books of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation!

“I”m very proud of YoYo’s accomplishment,” said Prime President of the Jacksonville chapter. “I’m confident that she will achieve many more awards and designations in our great nation and I’m looking forward to seeing her continue to grow.”

Conquering Her Biggest Fears!

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Half Pint Conquers Fear of Heights

Half Pint Conquers Fear of Heights

Macon, GA – Six months ago SOTC “Half Pint” of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation was only thinking about buying a motorcycle. On July 28, 2014 she found herself riding cross country experiencing the epic nomadic journey of her life! As a member of the Black Sabbath MC Nation’s Sisters of the Cross MC Half Pint had been practicing her riding skills madly over the summer conquering rain storms, short distance runs and riding in formation with her brothers and sisters, but no amount of training prepared her to face her biggest fears which sprung upon her suddenly while traveling to the National Bikers Round Up in Tulsa, Oklahoma this summer!

You see Half Pint was afraid of heights and water and when she hit I-55 out of Memphis Tennessee she ran head long into both as the freeway suddenly pitched UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and beneath her spanned the mighty Mississippi River/Ocean.

“I was riding next to my brothers and sisters and the next thing I know the highway just started heading towards the sky, ” Half Pint exclaimed! “I was high above the city, in the air and there was nothing but water all around me. It was so terrifying! But I knew I had my brothers and sisters around me, we were all in formation and I just focused my attention straight ahead and became determined to make it over! I just didn’t want to get stuck at the top and try to have someone take me down, so I rode hard the way Black Sabbath does things!”

Knowing that she had her brothers and sisters supporting her the whole way Half Pint became empowered to conquer two of her biggest fears that suddenly sprang upon her on the road. The training she received from her Road Captain and club prepared her well.

“When I got over that bridge we pulled over and I just let out a “whew” and tried to stop shaking. Ride or Die came up to me and said, “You haven’t even gone over the big bridge yet that one is coming just as soon as we get to the I-40!” I just looked at him with my mouth dropped open.”

“Needless to say Half Pint handled the second bridge like she did the first! With Black Sabbath MC style and pizzazz,” Said Black Dragon National President. “Next we take her to one of those draw bridges with the open grates to the ocean over there in San Francisco! :-)  Ride on Sister of the Cross Half Pint! Ride on! We are so damned proud of you!”


Half Pint Crosses the Mississippi

Half Pint Crosses the Mississippi

halfpint 3 halfpint 4 halfpint 5


Half Pint Becomes BSMC 1,000 Mile Nomad rider

Half Pint Becomes 1,000 Mile Nomad Rider

Macon, GA – BSMC SOTC Half Pint was awarded her 1,000 miles Jerzee’s Bull’s Horn and 1,000 mile Nomad Rider awards this week after her nomadic journey to Tulsa, Oklahoma summer 2014 making her one of the first four women in the BSMC Nation to receive this BSMC honor. After riding through heat, rain and high winds Half Pint’s bike limped into Tulsa after experiencing electrical problems on the road. None of that mattered as Half Pint continued to move forward showing the world why the BSMC rides so hard.

“My members are the best!” said Macon Prez Big Meech. “They do the best they can every time they can and when it comes to riding on two they have no competition out there! Everybody rides, the men, the Sisters of the Cross MC, everybody. The ladies carry their own weight around the MC. Knowing that my SOTC sisters are the first in the Nation to be awarded makes me proud and makes the case that down her in Macon, GA we are carrying that Black Sabbath pride in our hearts, minds, souls and bodies and we are carrying it for real!”

Congratulations Half Pint! Ride Nomad Rider, Ride!

Half Pint Rides

Half Pint Gettin’ it In!


Hollywood of Inland Empire Becomes 1K Nomad

Hollywood of Inland Empire Becomes 1K Nomad

Inland Empire, California – Storming across the Mojave desert with the Magic Wheels MC was West Coast Regional VP Hollywood of the Inland Empire chapter. He also rode into the BSMC Nation’s history books by becoming a 1,000 mile Nomad rider thus receiving his Jerzee 1,000 mile Bull’s Horn and 1,000 mile Nomad Rider patch. “These guys just keep riding hard and showing the world why we are a breed apart” said Hog Man National VP of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation. “He rode the rain, heat, desert and plains. That’s how we do it in the BSMC!”

Congratulations Brother! We’ll see you again next ride!




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