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Black Dragon’s 51st Birthday

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Black Dragon turns 51

Black Dragon turns 51

Come celebrate my 51 years of life with me tomorrow on my birthday at the White House! 768 Pryor Street SW Atlanta 30315. I’ll be cooking some healthy food to celebrate my victory over obesity, high blood pressure, type II adult onset diabetes, gout and heart disease. I decided to get fit and God has showered me with blessings because of it.

I’ll enjoy spending some quality time with my friends, brothers and sisters on the motorcycle set – which is where I spend most of my free time.

Pictured is prospect 9 dressed in a  white tuxedo, holding a glass of champaign

The Amazing P9

There is an amazing trend among the newest faces in the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation and that is men of character, quality and class are seeking out our national brotherhood to become a part of our family! And when these men come they are bringing it all and laying it all on the line. Even those who have never ridden before are entering the nation with the understanding that Black Sabbath MC brethren RIDE OR DIE RAIN OR SHINE! And they hit the ground running embracing our riding legacy all the way!

Take for instance Prospect 9 out of Macon, GA chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. Though not a fully patched brother, and not even possessing his own name – Prospect 9 has walked into his chapter reaching for that high bar to set it even higher.

Prospect 9 had never even ridden a motorcycle before in his life 2 months ago. He bought Honda 600 (I think it was a Honda it could’ve been something else don’t get me to lying) race bike and club brother Chee Chee taught him how to ride it in one day (in the Black Sabbath we will teach you how to ride).

It just so happened that I had to ride down to Macon and award my brothers their 1000 mile mile Nomad Bull’s horns for making the California trip when I met P9. He was standing in front of his brand new motorcycle and I was eyeing it hungrily. P9 handed me the keys to his brand new motorcycle and said, “National you are welcome to take it for a spin.” So of course Sniper and I lit out from the Macon club house at light speed just to get some in some dancing through the triple digits in! We flew past East Coast Regional President Ride or Die as he was coming down the road towards the club house and I could see the scowl on his face. They hate for me to ride anything faster than a Gold Wing but I was in heaven!

I thanked P9 for letting me ride his toy and P9 let me know that he had just learned how to ride a few hours ago and was proud of his motorcycle. I told him to be careful and take his time but he stopped me to let me know that he would be riding down to South Georgia with us the next weekend IN THE PACK when we would be linking up with the Jacksonville, Florida chapter to go to an annual dance, but he would be on his brand new Harley Davidson to make the trip!

Well, people tell me things all of the time, I seldom believe them and I certainly didn’t think this man was going to buy two motorcycles in 1 week, but I was proud of the prospect for learning how to ride so quickly (we still had lots to teach him) and for his enthusiasm and of course for letting me take his baby for a wild spin through the streets of Macon. It feels good to get off of that Gold Wing from time to time. So I smiled at him and thought nothing else of it.

So, as it happens the next week I rode down to South Georgia to hook up with the Macon and Jacksonville chapters to attend an annual in South Georgia and low and behold who was sitting there on a brand spanking new Harley Davidson just a week or so after learning how to ride his first bike ever? … NONE OTHER THAN PROSPECT 9!!! WTF! Two bikes in 1 week? A race bike and a Hog!? Now that’s that Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation sh*******t!

But there’s more! Somebody taught that fool how to ride a little bit! Maybe it was Chee Chee or East Coast Regional President Ride or Die but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t riding HAAAAARRRRD in the pack side by side with everybody else…. GETTIN’ IT!

I kept looking back to see if it was real! I was pinching myself and giggling like a little girl! I felt myself cheering “Go 9, Go 9, Go 9, Do it 9, Boy go on on ahead!!!!” I was so proud of 9 I was smiling and cheesing all night long!

We pounded down to the annual, partied with the Jacksonville Sisters of the Cross, bayed at the moon and hung out till nearly daylight! We rode around the city and eventually passed out in our hotel rooms.

When we got up the next morning we had to super pound back up to Macon where we were needed to help support a memorial ride on the side of the interstate for the Platinum Peaches who were honoring their sister that died on that spot on the highway one year earlier… Our duty was to setup the parking on the highway, direct traffic, and bring about three dozen balloons so that they could be released at the end of the memorial. So we had to get out of South Georgia and pound that three hour ride up to Macon in record time to get there before 1:00 pm to get the highway setup for the 150 bikers riding down from Atlanta for the memorial. My brothers and Sisters of the Cross were tired and beat from partying all night long but they blazed a fire trail up that highway and got to the side of the road in time enough to make sure every thing was handled respectfully. AND RIGHT THERE IN THE PACK THE WHOLE TIME WAS PROSPECT 9!

Can I get an AMEN!?

With men like 9 seeking out our Mighty MC Nation, who say what they mean and mean what they say, who do by actions and not words, who get out on dem twos and don’t be bull – sh****ting, who live to ride and ride to live, who uphold the highest standards of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation, who are destined to be recognized as Nomads – well, we just cannot lose!

So I say you may not have a name yet P9 but the nation has our eyes on you. Hmmm one that comes to mind is “Hell Raiser” but for now, good luck. We are looking forward to welcoming you into the brotherhood and into the nationwide family. Learn your bylaws and as much about this nation as you can. Love your brothers and sisters as you would your own family. Respect our protocols. Remember God, family and job first, then the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation. Ride hard and keep the rubber side down young man. You’ve got a lot of learning and riding to do but I’ve no doubt you are one of our Nation’s future leaders. May God continue to bless you and keep you whole.



Not All Thugs!

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Pictured are Sniper's Race Car and Rice Motorcycle

Sniper’s Toyz!

Pictured is Sniper Snow Bear Disciple of the Atlanta Chapter

Sniper of the Atlanta Chapter

Tomorrow’s Black Sabbath MC leaders are today’s young, talented, super suave, intelligent and brilliant good bad boyz! “Sniper”, of the Atlanta chapter, is a Computer Scientist by day with an eye towards smooth lines and technological efficiency. Sniper leans to the racing prowess that has always been the Legacy of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation and refuses, as of yet, to lie back on a cruiser couch and watch the country side wind by. Instead he chooses the fast life and relishes dwelling on the bleeding edge!

When Sniper steps into the phone booth and transforms from Clark Kent to a Snow Bear Disciple Nomad of the Atlanta chapter you have to watch very carefully to make him out before he blasts past burning the freeways down on two. Sniper belongs to the Kappa fraternity and is a Masonic brother.

A Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nomad Rider

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Pictured is Iron Man a 28 year old Nomad of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation sitting astride his Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Iron Man Leads the Way!

A 99%er law abiding MC Nation is nothing if its members do not ride. In the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation our young brothers are leading the charge. With less than a year as a member of the BSMC Iron Man has racked up quite a handful of the Nation’s top awards. Earlier in 2014 Iron Man escorted the National President across America leaving in one of the worst snow/ice events to sweep the country. Iron Man left Macon a newly patched club member and returned a conquering hero!

A passionate detailed oriented perfectionist, Iron Man is the Worshipful Master of his Masonic Lodge and one of the youngest Shriners in International Masonry history.

Calm down. Black Sabbath is a Habit!



Hog Man VP of the Nation

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Tommy and John

Tommy and John

Master Chief (retired) Tommy “Hog Man” Lewis is the silent but deadly National Vice President of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. Though he seldom takes a public role nearly as high profile as mine, behind the scenes he is the rock of Gibraltar upon which today’s BSMC’s foundation is built.

Master Chief Tommy Lewis’ spent 20 + years in the United States Navy and served as a Command Master Chief (COB) of Fast Attack Nuclear Submarines stationed around the world and in San Diego, California the birth place of the Black Sabbath MC Nation.

A man of few words he could be easily mistaken, simply a military leader with a top secret security clearance and the command level leadership of a multi-billion dollar submarine by day, a person would be blown away to know that Hog Man was a hard core biking HELL ON WHEELS hard ass by night, when I met him!

Though not in the same command we served together at the same base – Ballast Point Submarine Base San Diego. When I approached The Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation as a low life prospect nearly 24 years ago. I ran into Hog Man the a**hole! One of the first words out of his mouth to me was, “Man we don’t need you! You are nothing to us! You need us not the other way around. Never forget that! We are the Black Sabbath MC and you are nothing! Keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to do something and then only open it to acknowledge that you are getting that something done! … in fact I don’t want to hear a damned thing from you if you ain’t talking about riding your motorcycle somewhere YOU AIN’T TALKING! Now go get a broom or something and get this club house cleaned!”

Needless to say it took me years to even like this man a little bit. But then one day I saw him walk into the club in his uniform. Before that day I didn’t even know that he was a Senior Chief. And as an E-8 he was wearing a Chief of the Boat command pin which is a job mostly reserved for E-9 Master Chiefs. It was then that I knew Hog Man was indeed a very special young black brother (appx 38 years old) and was considered a leader among leaders and a cultivator of men in the United States Navy. This young brother was a COB (Chief of the Boat) which meant he swung BIG NUTZ, hung with the big boyz, and made decisions that affected the lives of men on a daily basis. This man, Hog Man, was the real deal and he was a brother in MY MC!!! DAMN! I instantly stopped hating him and I bore him the respect he was due! This man was truly Hell On Wheels, a walking, talking hard ass submarine sailing legend, so that was why he was tough as nails! All was explained in that moment.

Hog Man taught me how to ride in formation. That was the way of MCs back then. They took the prospects and junior riders on a trip and taught them how to ride with the pack. Tommy had been so hard on me, so unforgiving, demanding obedience and riding skills. Later the training would pay off when I would take Black Sabbath prospects on solo rides and teach them. Many of my prospects think I made up the rigorous training routine to berate them. They don’t realize it is a time honored BSMC tradition.

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Inland Empire Gets New Goddess

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Sunny D'Lite crosses over to become a Goddess of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation Inland Empire chapter

Sunny D’Lite crosses over to become a Goddess of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation Inland Empire

Inland Empire – Monday night March 24, 2014 Sunny D’ Lite became the newest Goddess of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation as she crossed over into the Inland Empire chapter near the high desert in San Bernadino, California.

“We are proud to  have our new sister,” said Big Dale Regional President of the West Coast. “She can cook, we all love that, she’s got a lot of class and excellent business savvy! We are so proud of her and so glad to have her.”

The Goddesses are the female support club of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. They keep the club strong by ensuring events are executed in an efficient and orderly manner. They drive the chase cars behind the pack and make sure the camp sites run without a hitch. The Goddesses across the country also contribute to their communities by volunteering countless hours to humanitarian and charity events. Just a few days ago the Inland Empire Goddesses went to a local park to feed and clothe the homeless.

“They make our Black Sabbath name stand out in the community and we cannot be more proud of that,” said Big Dale.

“We are extremely proud to watch our MC Nation grow with exceptional women who make us proud,” said Black Dragon National President.

New JAX Sisters of the Cross

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Jacksonville Florida Welcomes New Sisters of the Cross

Jacksonville Florida Welcomes New Sisters of the Cross

They are the newest SOTC of the Jacksonville, Florida chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. These new Sisters of the Cross, under the leadership of $tylletto are taking JAX by storm.

“We are proud to be part of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation,” said $tylletto the First Lady. “It’s all about quality and not about quantity with us,” she said about her new sister she recently crossed over, Thic ‘Wit’ It (left). Work-of-Art (right) is still prospecting but is expected to cross over soon. “We really truly believe in the Black Sabbath MC Nation’s philosophy of God, family, Job first and then the club. And we are very happy to be with a great group of guys in our Jacksonville chapter. It feels like a second family and we get along very well when we are with them. We are looking forward to growth and many more endeavors as we represent the Sisters of the Cross Motorcycle club under the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation. We are always going to keep it sexy but classy!”

$tylletto has experience in MCs as she was part of another nation previously. Thic “Wit” It was also part of another female only MC and Work-of-Art is new to the MC world. Each SOTC rides hard and First Lady $tylletto actually parks her motorcycle in her living room like a hard core biker from back in the damned day! Whooa!!!  And of course first lady $tylletto only rides in stilettos thus her name! She said, “All of my ladies ride in stilettos only!”

Alright Jacksonville, Fl get down!



JAX Welcomes New First Lady

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Jacksonville, FL chapter gets new first lady

Jacksonville, FL chapter gets new first lady

Jacksonville, Fl – The Jacksonville chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation celebrates the arrival of their new Sisters of the Cross MC First Lady $tylletto!  And we congratulate $tylletto as the senior riding lady of the SOTC Jacksonville, Fl.

$tylletto leads the JAX chapter SOTC and is making a beautiful impression on the South Eastern locals.

“We are pleased and excited to have our new First Lady,” said Prime President of the JAX chapter. “She has done a magnificent job in recruiting and training her sister SOTCs to ride hard and hold it down for the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation.

The Sabbath MC Nation is looking for great things from $tylletto. She rides hard, and yes that’s her motorcycle parked in the living room of her home! Now that’s biking on a higher level!


New SOTC Patch 2014

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The first new Sisters of the Cross BSMC patch is on the streets

The first new Sisters of the Cross BSMC patch is on the streets

Marietta, GA – The first of the new 2014 Black Sabbath Sisters of the Cross MC patches are finally being delivered by Grizzly leather.

After long design meetings and a full convening of the High Council the final patch was finally approved in late February. Now the first patch to be delivered to Macon has just rolled off the assembly line.

We hope the new design will be loved, worn and well represented by our Sisters of the Cross nation wide!






Houston Elects New President

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Elected to run Houston in 2014

Elected to run Houston in 2014

Houston elects new First Rider

Houston elects new First Rider

Houston Elects New Prez

Houston Elects New Prez

Houston – The Houston, Texas chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation elected a new President today. Congratulations to Guta who has won the right to govern in Houston for the next 12 months.

In a sad note, the Houston chapter saw Deaux Boy turn in his colors today so that he could focus on job responsibilities and other factors in his life. We wish Deaux Boy the best. It has been a pleasure riding with you and may God continue to bless you.

We will here more from the Houston Prez, Guta, as we interview him shortly to find out what his goals are for the Houston chapter in 2014. Best of luck Prez, keep God first and the rest will follow!




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