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Big Meech Wins 2015 Long Distance Rider

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High Council Prez Big Meech Wins BSMC 2015 Long Distance Rider

High Council Prez Big Meech Wins BSMC 2015 Long Distance Rider

My senior officers lead by example. They continually push me to be at my best. To lead them you cannot do it with your mouth. You can do all of the organizational and political things well but at the end of the day this is an MC. To lead them you must out ride them. Still sometimes they out ride me. But only sometimes…

In 2015 I rode to Cali in the winter and all of our normal stuff and then in the summer I rode 7,000 miles in seven weeks. Still High Council Prezbigmeech Blacksabbath beat me by riding to two more BSMC chapters than I did in the summer! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the year of 2015 High Council President Big Meech rode his iron from Macon, GA to San Diego, CA, Macon, GA to Wichita, Kansas, Macon, GA to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Macon, GA to Houston, TX, Macon, GA to Tulsa, OK, Macon, GA to Hutchinson, KS, Macon, GA to Colorado Springs, Co, Colorado Springs, Co to Hutchinson Kansas, Hutchinson, Kansas to Wichita Kansas, Wichita, Kansas to Macon, GA, Macon, GA to Jacksonville, Florida and that was just going to Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation events. He pushed the Macon chapter to 100 other events in 2015. His Macon chapter supported MCs up and down the South East including the National Round Up and the 2015 PRO Convention. He supported the Tulsa Second to None, Atlanta Rare Breed, and a couple of dozen more annuals of MCs throughout southern Georgia.

When I met this brother it was during a terrific rain storm in Georgia. I had a mission to ride down to McCray Ga to help a San Diego BSMC full patch brother bury his mother who had just died. The Macon chapter had just patched over to BSMC. Though it was a terrible storm and we could have driven I wanted to establish the precedent that BSMC rides RAIN, SLEET or SNOW! So I called then President of Macon Ride or DieCurtis C Hill) and told him I needed to get to McCray. He said, “Bro we’ll meet you on the highway.” I rode past at over 100 mph. Ride or Die, Big Meech and Phillip Koolaiddidthat Coney were awaiting me on the highway sitting in the torrential downpour. These brothers escorted me down that highway walking through the triple digits to get to our brother who needed our help.

At that time Big Meech had never ridden any distance on his bike. It was so bad that had even put his bike on a trailer to Daytona Bike Week. But that day in the rain when he saw his brother Ride or Die and I lead the charge down that highway and after listening to my thousands of stories about the old days, nomad living on the highway, sleeping under the stars and of course my braggadocios rants about how nobody would ever out ride the National President – it sparked something in brother Meech. It raised in him the spirit of the Nomad Adventurer!

He began toying with the idea of riding his steel GREAT distances! He called me in 2013 and announced his plans for an adventurous ride that would match or better anything I had ever bragged about. He spoke of a ride that we would later call the Cold Ass Run. Meech postulated that we could ride from Macon to San Diego for the Mother Chapter annual. The only problem is that Annual was in the middle of February in the dead ass winter!!!! I had already made that ride in the middle of the winter in 2000 when I moved to Georgia in January. It was the coldest ride I had ever done and I didn’t think I would be able to complete such a ride again. But Meech was determined! I said I wasn’t going! He said he and his Macon brothers were going and that was that. Not wanting to ever be out-ridden I relented and the Cold Ass Run for Charity was born!

Who was this Big Meech? A man who trailered his bike 400 miles now was gonna ride his iron 2,600 miles one way during the middle of the winter!? A new leader in the BSMC Nation was taking shape! We already knew of the prowess of his brother the Great Ride or Die! But who would have ever imagined Big Meech would follow suit.

So Big Meech lead the pack and we followed. The first year it was only four. Big Meech, Ride or Die, Iron Man (TraVonte TraVontae Bryant Black Sabbath) and Black Dragon. We left in at the tip of an ice storm that paralyzed the East Coast for a solid week. Big Meech postulated that we could beat the ice storm if we left at 2:30am. We were a bit late and left at 4:30. It was raining and lightly sleeting when we pulled out. Once again in a driving, freaking rain storm! The rain was so cold it actually hurt when it hit. It was so cold that you could feel your bones shaking. All of our preparations failed! The rain defeated our rain gear and went right through our “rain proof” heated gloves. It got in our boots and all the way down to our underwear. It was miserable. We rode one hour and rested one hour, rode one hour and rested one hour. We stopped in every damned gas station along the way to heat up. And the sleet rain kept drumming! At one point Meech lost his wallet and $2,000 dollars was gone. But still he pressed on! Rain, sleet, cold and money, credit cards lost Meech famously said, “I will not be stopped! My wife will wire me some more damned money in the morning! Let’s move out!” The sad part is that after 13 hours of riding that first day we had barely covered 300 miles. It was truly The Cold ASS run!

From that trip forward High Council President Big Meech has lead the charge forward via leadership through example to demonstrate to his brothers and sisters why we are “A Breed apart!”

I am proud to say that High Council President Big Meech even out rode me last year and is the 2015 BSMC Long Distance Rider!

God Bless You Brother. Thank you for all that you do.

Black Dragon
A Breed Apart
Since 1974 and Still Strong!


BSMC Nation Announces New Women’s Award

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National President Colors

The Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation announces a new riding award for Sisters of the Cross, Goddesses and Female riders! The Patch is called the  ”Lil’ Bit Cross Country Nomad”.

Lil’ Bit was the first female rider to belong to any BSMC chapter and was known for her incredible riding skills. She once rode cross country on her Harley Sportster all by herself without any assistance or company. Yes, she was a bad mofo!

The Lil’ Bit Cross Country Nomad award/patch will ge awarded to any female rider who rides cross country on a trip of 2,000 miles or greater (One-Way). A gold star will be affixed if the ride is conducted solo!

Ride on ladies of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation! Ride on!

BSMC Brothers Work on Member’s House

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Hutchinson, Kansas –  The Prospective Hutchinson, Kansas chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation demonstrated why we are A Breed Apart today, when they went to a member’s house and pitched in on a major reconstruction job. “We have a brother who’s home is in need of major repair,” said Prospective Hutch Chapter President Dizzle. “So we are going over, as a club, roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is what we do for our extended Black Sabbath MC family. So the MC showed up and went to work!

“The young people that are coming to our nation are remarkable, dedicated, excited and determined,” said BSMC Nation boss Black Dragon. “We hope continue to raise the bar of expectation to be a part of this Mighty MC Nation. I am proud of President Dizzle and the soon to be full patched Brothers and Goddesses of the Hutch charter.

Excellent work Hutch! Love and friendship are what MCs are all about.

Hutch Chapter Pitches In!

Hutch Chapter Pitches In!

Hutch Brothers Stand for One Anoter

Hutch Brothers Stand for One Anoter

It's all for one and one for all!

It’s all for one and one for all!

I am my brother's keeper!

I am my brother’s keeper!

Taking care of my brothers is an honor!

Taking care of my brothers is an honor!

Getting busy!

Getting busy!

My arms hurt!

My arms hurt!


New Black Sabbath MC Chapter on the Horizon

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A new chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation is forming on the horizon, near the heartland of America. They are known for now as only the “Boot Kamp Klick” pf prospective Brothers and Goddesses. After many months of hard work the prospective chapter is earning their way into our extended family! Brothers and Sisters WE have our eyes on You and we are proud of what we see! Work hard Prospects and continue to do the outstanding things you are doing! We look forward to adding your chapter to our great nation! Black Dragon

Boot Kamp Klick is in effect!

Boot Kamp Klick is in effect!


Ride or Die New Mexico Desert Winter 2015

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I’ve heard it said BSMC only rides in the winter. We ride other times too! YEAR ROUND!!!

BSMC Races Across Desert in Mid-Winter Frenzy!

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Racing across the New Mexico desert during the Cold Ass Run in the middle of February 2012! Who POUNDS like the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation!? No one!

BSMC Rides Thru Night to Bury Nomad

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The South Eastern Chapters of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation rode the night through, on back country roads, to bury fallen BSMC legend – President Ken ‘Pokeno’ Adams. Said High Council President “Big Meech”, “No one will ever be permitted to forget the Nomad and what he meant to our nation. We ride to honor our brother as it is our honor, privilege and duty to do so.”

President Ken Adams Going Home Celebration

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Nomad Rider Ken Adams is Laid to Rest in Laurel Mississippi May 2015

Houston Chapter Welcomes New Prospect

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New Houston Chapter Prospect

New Houston Chapter Prospect

Houston, Texas – The Houston, Texas chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath MC Nation welcomed a new Prospect recently.

” I’ve had a Ninja zx9 and a Yamaha r1 raven before,” said the Prospect. “I love sport bikes and riding in general. I have lived in Alaska the last 8 years so riding months were minimal and road conditions were the worst. Here in Houston is perfect for riding. I like the Black Sabbath MC because, well first off Dyzee is like family, I’ve known him since I was born. Then Prez Gutta is a very solid and an honest dude, and finally, I’ve liked everyone I’ve met. I love how the Sabbath carries themselves and how well mannered everyone is. To me they don’t act like riff raff biker clubs. I’m a military vet and my image is very important to me. I am also a 32 degree Mason.”

We look forward to getting to know our prospective brother.

“Work hard!” said Houston President, Guta.

Nomad Rider Leads BSMC Yellow Charge

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Nomad Pres Big G Goes Yello

Nomad Pres Big G Goes Yellow

Wichita, Kansas – President Big G of the Wichita, Kansas chapter of the Mighty Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation was the first brother to lead the charge to take his bike back to Old School yellow. Inspired by the stories of how High Council President and famed BSMC racer “Sugar Man” painted every motorcycle in the club yellow in the 1970′s, Big G painted his bike yellow nearly two years ago. Now that there is a charge led by the Nomad Riders to take all Nomad bikes to yellow, Big G sits comfortably upon his yellow charger because he’s already there! President Big G became a Nomad rider last August 2014 during his historic ride with brothers of the Wichita chapter, when the rode to Macon, GA. “This is what we do!” said President Big G!




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